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Dina Kuznetsova

Handel:  Io t’abbraccio

Handel: Io t’abbraccio

Handel, simply put, is a wonderful composer. Dramatic, crisp, complex, emotional -- his music maintains such freshness that my spirit and my senses light up every time I hear it.   Handel was not in my repertorial “comfort zone,” but I was lucky to sing the title role...

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Stan Rogers:  Lock-Keeper

Stan Rogers: Lock-Keeper

For my second installment, I continue with singer-songwriters, but move to Canada. Ever since I got introduced to his singing in the 1990s, Canadian bard Stan Rogers has been close to my heart. His deeply soulful voice, full of so many colors, and his lyrics,...

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Song of the Day:  October 9

Song of the Day: October 9

This week’s Song of the Day curator is Russian soprano and international star Dina Kuznetsova. You can hear Dina in NYFOS’s upcoming show From Russia to Riverside Drive on November 8 (Boston) and November 10 (New York), performing songs by Rachmaninoff, alongside some...

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