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Released in physical and digital formats and on all major streaming platforms on Fri, Nov 18.

Pre-orders will be available for early pick up at Merkin Hall during the November 16 performance of Kabarett.

A Picnic Cantata is the result of a one-time collaboration between the piano-duo team of Arthur Gold and Robert Fizdale, the composer Paul Bowles, and the poet James Schuyler. Originally premiered at New York’s Town Hall in 1953, A Picnic Cantata was well-received, but never published.

The seven-movement work balances sensuality with innocence and lightness with hints of foreboding. In its hyper-realistic world, a picnic basket seems to hold the entire contents of Zabar’s and a car materializes on cue, as four friendstwo sopranos and two altos—magically gather together. Bowles’ music dips into the exotic sounds of Morocco and Ceylon, Poulenc-style post-impressionism, and pure American tunefulness to paint the journey, and Schuyler’s libretto melds the directness of Gertrude Stein with the fantasy of Maurice Sendak, allowing simple things to become paradoxical and mysterious. 

Having wanted to make a studio recording of the work for over three decades, Mr. Blier said, “Paul Bowles’ A Picnic Cantata has been something of a NYFOS signature since the early 1990s. Alternatively spiky and lyrical, utterly unpredictable, and oddly graceful, Bowles’ music won me over. Coming home to Paul Bowles’ music and James Schuyler’s words has been a pleasure and something of a revelation. In the 25 years since we first encountered A Picnic Cantata, we’ve learned more about both the composer and the poet. Its colors seem more vibrant than ever.” 

Our Latest Singles

One Life To Live artwork

“Love Sublime”
by Brad Mehldau
Performed by Sasha Cooke and Steven Blier

Released on NYFOS Records on July 22, 2022

This is a gorgeous song by Brad Mehldau, one of America’s greatest jazz musicians, with a dark, erotic atmosphere unlike anything else I’ve ever played. It’s in that area where classical music, jazz, and popular music blend their best qualities—people from all walks of musical life will claim it as their own. And Sasha Cooke has just the right juicy, mysterious voice to bring this masterpiece to life. — Steven Blier

One Life To Live artwork

“Black & Blue”
by Fats Waller and Andy Razaf
Performed by Joshua Blue and Steven Blier
Released on NYFOS Records on June 10, 2022

Fats Waller and Andy Razaf premiered “Black & Blue” 93 years ago and it still detonates as powerfully as the day it was written. Rising tenor Joshua Blue belts it out like nobody’s business, backed up by Steve Blier’s juicy arrangement. And it will be the title track of an album they are planning for next season! Get a taste wherever you stream music. 

One Life To Live artwork

“El dulce de América”
Performed by Jennifer Aylmer, Oren Fader, James Saporito, and Steven Blier

Released on NYFOS Records on April 15, 2022

Created by an unknown composer and poet around 1780, this sweet Spanish-language tune is a cautionary tale of the dangers of  indulgence.

Announcing our first album — Available now!

Featuring Stephanie Blythe, William Burden and Steven Blier, this gem of a performance finds new life on the first full album from the NYFOS Records. After over 20 years in the archives, this vital record will be available on January 28th, 2022 in physical and digital format.

Featured singles from the album:

‘Round Midnight
by Thelonious Monk / Bernie Hanighen,
arr. Ricky Ian Gordon performed by Blythe and Blier

Take the Moment
by Richard Rodgers / Stephen Sondheim; performed by Burden and Blier

The album is taken from a live concert recording at the Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College in New York on March 23, 2000: From Rags to Riches, a compendium of American songs celebrating the last century as the new century began.

Steven Blier describes Stephanie Blythe’s voice as “a natural wonder, an uncanny mix of power and flexibility.” Of William Burden and his collaboration with Blythe, Blier recounts, “His sweet sound and patrician phrasing were the perfect foil for Stephanie’s volcanic energy, and the two of them were able to navigate all the stylistic zigzags of twentieth century American song.”

From Rags to Riches: 100 Years of American Song embraces a wide spectrum of music – art songs by Barber (“Nocturne”) and Griffes (“Evening Song”), musical theater pieces by Rodgers (“Take the Moment”) and Sondheim (“The Ballad of Booth”), jazz tunes by Eubie Blake (“Hit the Road”) and Thelonious Monk (“‘Round Midnight”), and an opera aria by William Bolcom (“New York Lights”). As the program proceeds chronologically through the century, America grows up, sometimes confronting its problems head-on, sometimes working it all out on the dance floor.

Blier explains that he is always on the lookout for songs that deal with important social issues: Cook’s “My Lady Frog” is a subtle parable about race and inclusion; Larson’s “Hosing the Furniture”, a hilarious feminist tract; and Blitzstein’s “Nickel Under the Foot”, an eloquent indictment of class struggle. The newest song, Bolcom’s “New York Lights”, is about the immigrant’s dream of America, and the oldest one, Lowry’s “How Can I Keep from Singing”, is a testament to the nation’s resilience in the face of injustice – as well as a hymn to the power of song itself.

Our First Single!

One Life To Live artwork

“One Life To Live”
from Lady In the Dark
music by Kurt Weill
lyrics by Ira Gershwin

Recorded live at Greenwich House in 1993 by the beloved mezzo-soprano Lorraine Hunt Lieberson and pianist Steven Blier. 

Released on NYFOS Records on October 8, 2021

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Over NYFOS’s 33-year history, audio recordings have always been a vital part of our work. In fact, our Grammy Award-winning recording of Leonard Bernstein’s Arias and Barcarolles helped establish NYFOS as New York City’s premiere home for song during our earliest years. Today we build on that legacy by launching a record label of our own, dedicated to sharing extraordinary live performances from our extensive archives, as well as new studio recordings with some of today’s most exciting voices. Our projected releases for the first year include a full-length live concert from our archives; a studio recording of a rarely-heard mid-century American masterpiece; and up to a dozen singles featuring artists like Julia Bullock, Kate Lindsey, Joshua Blue, Lorraine Hunt Lieberson, Bernarda Fink, and many others. Stay tuned for more info — and music! — throughout the season.

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