Theo Bleckmann: Duet for One

Written by Harold Meltzer


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Published July 22, 2016

I heard Theo Bleckmann perform Duet For One at a Bar Mitzvah, his gift to the initiate.  He is both performer and composer here; the music displays his extraordinary vocal range, not to mention stamina.  Earlier today I played the Duet for Aleba Gartner, who remarked that it reminded her of my own Trapset for alto flute, both in that the notes of different registers occupy different sound worlds, and in that there is a percussive quality to those worlds.  In both cases, certainly, the low notes have a hollow, drum-with-a-skin quality.  And in both cases there is disbelief that the sounds are produced by a single human performing live.

Duet for One, Theo Bleckmann

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Award-winning composer Harold Meltzer “seems to write pieces of scrupulous craft and exceptional freshness, which makes each seem like an important contribution” (Fanfare Magazine).  A longtime friend of NYFOS, his music has been performed in several NYFOS programs and he was featured as a NYFOS Next curator in 2014. Harold is looking forward to the world premiere of his latest work, Variations on a Summer Day, on Sunday, July 24, as part of the Tanglewood’s Festival of Contemporary Music.


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