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Harold Meltzer

Theo Bleckmann:  Duet for One

Theo Bleckmann: Duet for One

I heard Theo Bleckmann perform Duet For One at a Bar Mitzvah, his gift to the initiate.  He is both performer and composer here; the music displays his extraordinary vocal range, not to mention stamina.  Earlier today I played the Duet for Aleba Gartner, who remarked...

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Rachmaninoff:  Daisies

Rachmaninoff: Daisies

Okay, perhaps on another beautiful day in Berkshires I shouldn't wave goodbye so quickly to summer.  Igor Severyanin's poem beholds daisies in perfect summer bloom, and Rachmaninoff doesn't hold back.  I got to know the music when I was fourteen, first in the...

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Schumann:  Des Sennen Abschied

Schumann: Des Sennen Abschied

This week I am in the Berkshires, preparing for a performance at Tanglewood of my Variations on a Summer Day, songs which in part were previewed on the NYFOS Next series two years ago.  Songs about summer, and about mountains, spring to mind.  I am numbering these...

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