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Joshua Breitzer

Michelle Citrin:  Hanukkah Lovin

Michelle Citrin: Hanukkah Lovin

Over the last hundred years, Hanukkah has swelled in significance and popularity among the American Jewish community. In a twist, this trend strangely seems to suit the ancient rabbinic injunction that the holiday miracle ought to be publicized far and wide. In the...

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Flory Jagoda:  Ocho Kandelikas

Flory Jagoda: Ocho Kandelikas

Jewish communities can be found all over the world and can be heard speaking many different languages. Ladino is the vernacular favored by many Jews of Sephardic (Spanish) descent. Also called "Judaeo-Spanish," it contains elements of Hebrew, Greek, and various Balkan...

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Benedetto Marcello:  Maoz Tzur

Benedetto Marcello: Maoz Tzur

This medieval poem so closely associated with Hanukkah is often sung to a triumphant, march-like tune based on a German drinking song. Benedetto Marcello, a Venetian contemporary of Vivaldi, composed this wandering, evocative melody that gives new life to the notion...

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Moishe Oysher:  Happy Hanukkah

Moishe Oysher: Happy Hanukkah

Hot a gitn Khanike! This week we're sampling just a smattering of Hanukkah music from around the world and across time. The great 20th century cantor and Yiddish film star Moishe Oysher released a number of self-titled Jewish holiday LPs, including the Moishe Oysher...

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