Peter Warlock:  Sleep

Peter Warlock: Sleep

This song trips so many of my triggers, with a vocal line that sounds like it could have been written by John Dowland, and an accompaniment that has some of the delicate twists, turns, and bizarre musical punctuation of Poulenc.
Meredith Monk:  Hocket

Meredith Monk: Hocket

Meredith Monk is amazing, and the amount of concentration and virtuosity it must take for two singers to maintain the delicate balancing act of this piece seems super-human. High-wire act though it is, I find this song endlessly playful and fascinating. “Hocket” from...
Adam Guettel:  Daybreak

Adam Guettel: Daybreak

The recent successful rescue of the soccer team from a cave in Thailand brought to mind the unsuccessful rescue attempt of Floyd Collins from a cave in the hills of Kentucky, and the gorgeous harmonies contained within Adam Guettel’s musical about him, his family, and...
Françis Poulenc:  Montparnasse

Françis Poulenc: Montparnasse

My preferences change a lot, so only two things have earned from me the immutable stamp of “absolute favorite” over the years. My absolute favorite color: green. My absolute favorite art song: Poulenc’s “Montparnasse.” Green is obvious, it’s the best...