Song of the Day: March 2

Written by Efraín Solís


Published March 2, 2016

Efrain-3212 croppedThis week we welcome baritone Efrain Solis to Song of the Day! He has sung with companies such as San Francisco Opera, Virginia Opera, and Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra. You can hear him with NYFOS on Tuesday, April 26th concert at Merkin Hall in Compositora: Songs by Latin American Women (get tickets here). 


Today we really dive into my history and culture and get into the flavor of our upcoming recital, Compositora! Juan Gabriel is a name that every person in Mexico, and really all over Latin America, would recognize. He is a true Divo and an amazing orchestrator, singer, and composer. This song is truly an anthem and I feel it’s slightly haunting as well. Juan Gabriel claims he wrote this song after he received news of his mother’s passing, while he was in Acapulco, Guerrero. He dedicates it often in concert to all the mothers in the audience and to this day my grandmother can’t hold back tears when she hears it. It’s an amazing song and I’ve included a translation for you as well. My favorite thing about this performance at the Palace of Fine Arts, in Mexico City, is his improvisations as a tail end to the song.

Amor Eterno (Juan Gabriel)
Tú eres la tristeza de mis ojos
Que lloran en silencio por tu amor
Me miro en el espejo y veo en mi rostro
El tiempo que he sufrido por tu adios
Obligo a que te olvide el pensamiento
Pues siempre estoy pensando en el ayer
Prefiero estar dormida que despierta
De tanto que me duele que no estés


Como quisiera, ay, que tú vivieras
Que tus ojitos jamás se hubieran cerrado nunca
Y estar mirándolos
Amor eterno, e inolvidable
Tarde o temprano estaré contigo
Para seguir amándonos

Yo he sufrido tanto por tu ausencia
Desde ese día hasta hoy, no soy feliz
Y aunque tengo tranquila mi consciencia
Sé que pude haber yo hecho más por ti
Oscura soledad estoy viviendo
La misma soledad de tu sepulcro
Tú eres el amor del cual yo tengo
El más triste recuerdo de Acapulco


You are the sadness in my eyes
That cry in silence for your love
I see myself in the mirror and see in my face
The time I have suffered from your goodbye
I force my memory to forget you
For I am always thinking on yesterday
I’d rather be asleep than awake
Because of how much it pains me that you aren’t here.

How I wish, oh, that you lived
That your little eyes had never closed
And are watching over now
Eternal love, and unforgettable
Sooner or later I will be with you
So we continue in our love

I have suffered much by your absence
From that day until now I’m never happy
And although my conscience is clear
I know I could have done so much more for you
I live in a dark loneliness
The same loneliness of your grave
You are the love of which I have
The saddest memory of Acapulco

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