Nina Simone: I’ll Look Around

Written by Jack Gulielmetti

Composer and Guitarist

In category: Song of the Day

Published February 19, 2018

Nina Simone is simply one of the greatest artists of our time. Trained at Juilliard in classical piano, only starting to sing later in life, she embodies a true renaissance musician to me: someone who loves all genres of music and is interested in being a part of all aspects of it. This song is particularly heart wrenching, and in this version, Nina has decided to just make the recording herself and a piano, pairing down the music to her greatest strengths in order to bring a stronger light to the lyrics, which are all about the search for that perfect someone. Though the original song was done by Bill Holiday (pretty hard to top) I think any singer can meaningfully interpret the lyrics, especially the lyric:

I look around
And when I’ve found
Someone who sighs like you
I’ll know this love
I’m dreaming of
Won’t be the old love
I always knew

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Jack Gulielmetti is a composer and guitar player. His works have been performed by groups such as the New York Philharmonic, JACK Quartet, Matt Boehler, The Da Capo Chamber Players, Synchronicity and Shouthouse. As a guitar player growing up in New York City, Jack has had the fortune to work with many groups of different genres around the city, playing everything from jazz and classical to electronic, hip-hop, funk, and everything in between. He has studied guitar with people such as Julian Lage, Nels Cline, Mike Moreno and Greg Howe. At the age of sixteen, he developed a love for composition, and enrolled in the composition program of Juilliard’s precollege program. He has studied with composers such as Manuel Sosa, David Conte, John Corigliano, and Joan Tower. Jack is currently working on several interdisciplinary projects to be present in the spring that incorporate live music, dance and projection art, and is collaborating at the moment on this with poet Srikanth Reddy. In addition to actively writing music, he still actively plays music around New York City and the world, mostly with the jazz/dance music group Onyx Collective. He is in his fourth year in an accelerated five year program at the Juilliard School studying composition with Robert Beaser and classical guitar with Mark Delpriora.


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