written by

Jack Gulielmetti

Composer and Guitarist
Peter Warlock:  The Full Heart

Peter Warlock: The Full Heart

While the other songs have been chosen for their objective beauty and ability to touch anyones heart regardless of musical ability, I selfishly chose this one because it titilates my ears as a musician. I find this piece to be a testament to the power of the human...

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Stevie Wonder:  Visions

Stevie Wonder: Visions

This was a hard decision. I knew that with any piece on my favorite songs and songwriters of all time I would have to put in a Stevie Wonder song (because, um, duh? He's only one of the greatest songwriters of all time), but picking one was extremely difficult....

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Nina Simone:  I’ll Look Around

Nina Simone: I’ll Look Around

Nina Simone is simply one of the greatest artists of our time. Trained at Juilliard in classical piano, only starting to sing later in life, she embodies a true renaissance musician to me: someone who loves all genres of music and is interested in being a part of all...

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