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Meredith Lustig

Stephen Sondheim:  Move On

Stephen Sondheim: Move On

Dear Friends, Happy Friday! What a week it has been. I’m honored to have had the opportunity to share my thoughts and some of my favorite songs with you. I’ve learned a lot from the experience and am grateful to you for spending the time with me. Today, I’d like to...

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Benj Pasek and Justin Paul:  In Short

Benj Pasek and Justin Paul: In Short

Hi Readers, Back for more then? Thanks! Before we get to the Song of the Day, let’s talk about the Youtube Rabbit Hole Effect. You’re probably not familiar with the term (because I made it up), but you’ve definitely experienced the phenomenon. Things start innocently...

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Stephen Sondheim:  So Many People

Stephen Sondheim: So Many People

Dear Reader, So it looks like you’re stuck with me for the next five days. I for one can’t wait to share some tunes with you and offer a bit of insight into my musical mind...or at the very least my spotify library. Let’s jump right in together! My song for you today...

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