written by

Karen Holvik

New England Conservatory, Voice Dept. Chair
Edvard Grieg:  Ein Traum

Edvard Grieg: Ein Traum

My parents were both of Norwegian heritage, and hailed from Minnesota. They met as grad students at the Eastman School of Music, and spent their careers as music educators. Needless to say, our house was filled with music, and I was introduced to the works of Edvard...

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John Musto:  Litany

John Musto: Litany

“Litany”, from John Musto’s masterful set of songs Shadow of the Blues is, in my humble but educated opinion, a perfect song.  I actually find it difficult to describe how I feel about this song—it has a profound effect on me every time I hear it. John, who has been...

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Joni Mitchell:  Hejira

Joni Mitchell: Hejira

So, Joni.  Her influence on my life is profound, and when I was asked to share five songs, I knew one would have to be Joni’s. The real challenge again was to choose only one song from her huge catalog. The first of her albums I encountered in my youth was Ladies of...

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Annie Ross:  Twisted

Annie Ross: Twisted

After I finally accepted the fact that I had no future as a rock singer, I switched to jazz, which is a bit easier on the voice. I am still very nostalgic for this period of my life. I was like a kid in a candy store and couldn’t get enough of discovering new artists,...

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Sting:  Fragile

Sting: Fragile

My parents were professional musicians who kept throwing instruments at me to see which one would stick, so I learned to play multiple instruments but none of them well. Eventually I realized that my true instrument was in my throat, and my teenage rebellion took the...

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