written by

Clarice Assad

Composer / Performer
Edu Lobo & Chico Buarque:  Beatriz

Edu Lobo & Chico Buarque: Beatriz

Edu Lobo and Chico Buarque are two of Brazil’s most celebrated artists of all time. I chose this video with my father and me performing this song because every other recording of this amazing tune is so overly produced with heavy arrangements and strings;  I just...

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Bob Telson:  I’m Calling You

Bob Telson: I’m Calling You

When I first heard this song and saw this movie, I was maybe 10 years old, and lived in the middle of nowhere:  a rural part of the third world country Brazil, where culture was really hard to come by. I managed to lay my hands on a pirate copy of this movie and the...

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Gino Paoli:  Senza Fine

Gino Paoli: Senza Fine

I heard Gino Paoli’s "Senza Fine" for the first time in a TV series in Brazil.  It was sung by Italian singer Ornella Vanoni in a very sexy arrangement that I loved back then, but soon started sounding quite dated. Years later, a Brazilian singer named Zizi Possi...

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