Song of the Day: August 7, 2015

Written by Andrew Garland


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Published August 7, 2015

Andrew Garland wraps up his week curating NYFOS Song of the Day:
“So viel Liebe fehlt auf diese Welt” sung by Hermann Prey
The song of the day is about making discoveries: discoveries of greatness in unlikely places, discoveries of different types of voices and new depths of emotional commitment. Today my discovery is that this exists:

I remember when a baritone colleague first played this for me. My first reaction was “that’s funny: a German singing a carefree American pop song.” But this colleague, who is usually quick to point out the faults in all things musical and even quicker to find the humor in any situation – especially at someone else’s expense – said, “This is a man having fun singing.” Yes. Yes he is.

This week I hope you have had fun (maybe even laughed especially at my choice for Monday’s song.) Do what you love, love what you do and we will laugh with you.

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