Van Morrison & The Chieftains: She Moved Through the Fair

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Published March 1, 2019

From Tim Coffey, Caramoor’s Artistic Planning Manager:

Coming from an Irish family, my earliest memories of hearing live music came from family parties. The ‘adults’ would each take turns singing a song a cappalla in the circle in the living room. And my great grandma – Nana Nana – somehow knew every song. I remember thinking “how could she know all of these songs. Some of them weren’t even in English?” I was fascinated.

I realize now that these parties were the introduction to my love for music. The songs on Irish Heartbeat by Van Morrison and the Chieftains were some of the very first songs I could sing along to without missing a word. Thank you parents for buying this album. And thank you Nana Nana for singing with all your heart.

Tim Coffey, Caramoor’s Artistic Planning Manager, has been working at Caramoor since 2014. Having received his BA in Music Education from Manhattanville, Tim is dedicated to Caramoor’s mission of enriching the lives of its audiences and performing artists through educational and mentorship music programs. With a background in classical piano, and a newly found passion in banjo, Tim is privileged to be a part of the diverse and unique programming currently taking place at Caramoor.

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This week the artistic administration of the Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts host Song of the Day. Our next concert, Love at the Crossroads, features Caramoor’s 2019 Schwab Vocal Rising Stars, young artists who will participate in a week-long residency dedicated to exploring a wide variety of song. Hear the stunning results in their performances at Caramoor on March 17 and at Merkin Concert Hall on March 19.


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