Michael Rohatyn: Cold Out Here

Michael Rohatyn: Cold Out Here

In our preparation for the NYFOS Next: Director’s Choice recital, Michael Barrett, Mario Diaz-Moresco (my colleague on this program), and I sat down with piles of music in Michael’s home and spent the day singing through songs of all styles and languages.  That...
Adam Guettel:  Daybreak

Adam Guettel: Daybreak

The recent successful rescue of the soccer team from a cave in Thailand brought to mind the unsuccessful rescue attempt of Floyd Collins from a cave in the hills of Kentucky, and the gorgeous harmonies contained within Adam Guettel’s musical about him, his family, and...
Adam Guettel:  Awaiting You

Adam Guettel: Awaiting You

This is one of my favorite songs composed my Adam Guettel. It’s pretty hard to choose a favorite. This piece is from Myths and Hymns which is a song cycle based on Greek mythology and lyrics found in an antique hymnal.
Adam Guettel:  How Glory Goes

Adam Guettel: How Glory Goes

In 1925, Kentucky explorer and caver Floyd Collins lost his footing at the end of an expedition. His left leg pinned underneath a 16-pound rock, Collins was trapped in a narrow tunnel, unable to move, and after 17 days (13 of which were without food or water) he left...

Rodgers, Rodgers & Guettel

Notes on the Program by Steven Blier for Rodgers, Rodgers & Guettel November 1 & 3, 2016 at Merkin Concert Hall There are two histories of the Rodgers family that run parallel to one another. The first celebrates the dazzling musical gifts that propelled three...