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Justine Aronson

Adam Guettel:  How Glory Goes

Adam Guettel: How Glory Goes

In 1925, Kentucky explorer and caver Floyd Collins lost his footing at the end of an expedition. His left leg pinned underneath a 16-pound rock, Collins was trapped in a narrow tunnel, unable to move, and after 17 days (13 of which were without food or water) he left...

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Hugo Wolf:  Im Frühling

Hugo Wolf: Im Frühling

"Ich denke diess, und denke dass, ich sehne mich, als weiss nicht recht nach was: halb ist es Lust, halb ist es Klage" "I think about this and that, I feel a longing, but don't know exactly what for: half is joy, half is pain." Hugo Wolf (1860-1903) is one of those...

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Charles Ives:  Two Little Flowers

Charles Ives: Two Little Flowers

I love a song that will always make me cry. One of my most tried and true waterworks wranglers is Charles Ives' simple ode to two little girls in his life, "Two little flowers (and dedicated to them)" (1921), performed here by the excellent Bill Sharp and our beloved...

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Kate Bush:  Wuthering Heights

Kate Bush: Wuthering Heights

Here at NYFOS (where indeed, no song is safe from us), we ask the big questions. Why song? What does a song do? Why do we love singing songs? Why these little nuggets of extended and expanded time and elevated text? Why do I, a professional singer, love singing songs?...

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