Song of the Day: September 25

Written by Mark Campbell

Librettist, Lyricist

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Published September 25, 2015

This is our final post from guest DJ Mark Campbell. Thank you, Mark!  Next week: NYFOS Co-founder Michael Barrett!

Did You Ever Cross Over to Sneden’s?
Music and lyrics by Alec Wilder

TGIF. After all the heavy songs on my list this week, I now feature one that had no relation to a personal crisis or to my writing: “Did You Ever Cross Over to Sneden’s?” by Alec Wilder. I love this song because of the mystery in the lyric (do we really know what happened to the person singing this song or the person they are missing?), the simple poetry and melody, and the merging of past and present in the story.

“Do You Ever Cross Over to Sneden’s?” was written for Mable Mercer, but I prefer the recording linked below. It’s performed by Joannie Morris and Bill Bolcom—two members of the immediate NYFOS family.

When I started this list, I vowed that I would not include any of the work of my collaborators, as it meant the exclusion of other collaborators’ work. That wouldn’t be fair. And professionally unwise. The inclusion of this song is in line with that vow, but it’s also cheating a little. When Bill and Joannie perform a song they become part of that song; they are immediately inextricable from the creation of it.

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    Thanks, Mark, for your whole series. Today it was great to hear Joan and Bill.


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