Song of the Day: March 4

Written by Efraín Solís


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Published March 4, 2016

Efrain-3212 croppedThis week we welcome baritone Efraín Solís to Song of the Day! He has sung with companies such as San Francisco Opera, Virginia Opera, and Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra. You can hear him with NYFOS on Tuesday, April 26th concert at Merkin Hall in Compositora: Songs by Latin American Women (get tickets here). 


For my last post I will end with a song that ends most of my recitals. There is something special about tradition and because of my family this has become one for me. The last time my grandfather heard me sing was my Senior Recital for my undergraduate diploma. I sang “El dia que me quieras” by Carlos Gardel and dedicated it to my grandparents in the audience. My Abuelo passed that September as I was settling in my new home in San Francisco. This has always been a beloved song in my family, because of the wonderful black and white film with the same title, and I remember spending summers at my grandparents’ house watching many famous black and white films on television with them. This one always stuck, and below you can see why. My grandmother always said that my grandfather stole her from the farm she grew up on, and in my imagination this is how I envisioned them falling in love.

It’s been a pleasure sharing some of my favorites and thank you to NYFOS for allowing me to ramble for a bit on here. Abrazos!

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