Song of the Day: February 10

Written by Michael Barrett

Associate Artistic Director, NYFOS

In category: Song of the Day

Published February 10, 2016


from Michael Barrett:

On Feb. 4, at NYFOS Next, composer Ted Hearne was on hand to sing two of his songs, “Intimacy and Resistance” and “Protection”. These songs have popular “easy rock” qualities on the surface. Their root position chords and steady pulse set you up for what you think will be a beautiful pop tune. While they are indeed beautiful, there is much more art and not much commercialism involved. Ted is a rhythm machine, and he is always subverting the potential easy going rhythms that your ears tell you lie ahead. In Protection, his direction for the performers is “Groove Avoidance”. Ted also has  a beautiful command of harmony which he uses to his advantage.

Along with being a fine singer, he is also an excellent conductor. I recently attended his performance with Room Full of Teeth in a new (and rather complicated) work. His excellent sense of time, and rhythmic clarity seem to be at the heart of his music making. Below  is “Protection” by Ted Hearne. Keep your eyes and ears open for his future work. He has the goods.

Be sure and attend or listen to the live stream on Feb. 11 for the next installment of our series.

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