Song of the Day: August 4

Written by Andrew Garland


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Published August 4, 2015

(Curator: Andrew Garland)

“Ich Habe Genug” Cantata BWV 82 Johann Sebastian Bach
Lorraine Hunt Lieberson, mezzo-soprano, Emmanuel Music Orchestra, Craig Smith, conductor
Lorraine Hunt Lieberson is my hero. Nay, she is my superhero. Much has been said about her, I cannot add to that.
There is not much I can say about this selection either. Many of you are familiar with this piece, the recording and its circumstances.
I never met her.  I only know great musicians who have worked with her and I have recordings like these that transport me. Some great singers are characterized by an undeniable, physically dominating sound, others have an impressive technique, others still have convincing acting communicative abilities and beyond that, a genuine sense of living the music and its message. Lorraine has all of these.
While I have Schubert on the brain (preparing for NYFOS’s Schubert/Beatles) I want to share this recording of Lorraine singing “Erlkӧnig”
There are many recordings of this popular yet daunting song. Again I hear voice, character and communication like from no one else. And kudos to anyone to dares to play this on piano. Bravo, Robert Tweten.

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