Purcell: When I Am Laid In Earth

Written by Aleba Gartner

Founder of Aleba & Co Public Relations

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Published May 19, 2016

Lorraine Hunt. I have NYFOS (and Michael Barrett, who programmed the 92nd Street Y and presented Lorraine’s NY recital debut in the mid-90’s) to thank for introducing me to Lorraine. So many memories. No need to try to define Lorraine. As Alex Ross wrote: “In the days after she died, I tried to write about her, and failed. It felt wrong to call her ‘great’ and ‘extraordinary,’ or to throw around diva-worship words like ‘goddess’ and ‘immortal,’ because those words placed her on a pedestal, whereas the warmth in her voice always brought her close. Nonetheless, empty superlatives will have to do. She was the most remarkable singer I ever heard.”

Here she is singing Dido’s Lament from the opera Dido and Aeneas by Purcell. “Remember me…”

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Aleba Gartner is the founder of Aleba & Co, a boutique public relations firm that specializes in adventurous classical and new music programming. An integral part of the NYFOS team, Aleba has been promoting our series and recordings since 2010.


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