Dolly Parton: Deportee

Written by Luke Frazier


In category: Song of the Day

Published July 23, 2019

I think this piece speaks even more today than when Dolly recorded it over 40 years ago. I think too often Dolly’s music can be tossed off by many as light music, this shows the breadth of expression and commentary Dolly has offered throughout her entire career. 

Frazier’s American Pops Orchestra pays tribute to Dolly Parton in Coat of Many Colors on September 21.

author: Luke Frazier

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Luke Frazier is the founder and music director of the innovative American Pops Orchestra in Washington, D.C. A new member of our Board of Directors, we welcome him to the NYFOS family with a week (or two) as host of Song of the Day.


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