written by

Tuesday Rupp

Episcopal Minister

Rachel Taylor Brown: December

I live near the East River in New York City. It gives me great pleasure to walk over to the park along its banks and watch the slow winter water flow out to the Atlantic Ocean, to see the reflections of the city lights on the surface. Those lights will have to do: in...

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Deanna Witkowski:  Kings of Orient

Deanna Witkowski: Kings of Orient

I have always loved the old bible story about the three wise men following a star that leads them to a humble manger and the baby inside of it, trusting in wisdom of the universe, written in the language of the stars, to lead them to something far beyond anything they...

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Y La Bamba:  Winter Skin

Y La Bamba: Winter Skin

It feels to me that 2017 has been a year of division and anxiety. There is a list of hurts as far as the eye can see across our beautiful nation, so many conflicting identities seemingly held together in name only. Living into this tension is draining, and I rely on...

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