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Rebecca Jo Loeb

Hanns Eisler:  Abortion is Illegal

Hanns Eisler: Abortion is Illegal

For this week, and for a plethora of reasons mostly having to do with coincidence, I'm going to be choosing songs with either political undertones, blatant overtones, or ones that have particular political messages that speak to me. For my first song I'd love you to...

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Schubert:  An Emma

Schubert: An Emma

I'm going to have to make an admission that I'm positive will get me in a lot of trouble: I don't really like Schubert. I know he's meant to be brilliant and the father/king of traditional Art Song but I just don't get it!! I find his songs often quite boring,...

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Adam Guettel:  How Glory Goes

Adam Guettel: How Glory Goes

When I was in high school I fell in love with the song "How Glory Goes" as sung by Audra McDonald on her CD by the same name. It was one of the first songs that touched me so deeply it made me cry, and it also inspired in me something new–a sense of purpose. After...

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Ravel:  L’indifferent

Ravel: L’indifferent

"L'indifferent" is argubly the least well known of Ravel's three songs that make up his masterpiece Sheherezade. Even so, it garners a good deal of speculation as to the nature of the poem and seems both musically and poetically shrowded in mystery. Although I've...

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Sondheim:  I Remember Sky

Sondheim: I Remember Sky

This song has long been a favorite of mine. It comes from a made for TV film called Evening Primrose which is in no way Stephen Sondheim's finest, but this song is a gem. For me, it was an incredibly important song in my development as a singer because it taught me...

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