written by

Nicole Dalé Halton

French-Spanish-English Linguist
Cole Porter:  Too Darn Hot

Cole Porter: Too Darn Hot

Thinking back on my years living in New York City, I remember how sweltering the summers could be. I'll try to send NYFOS and NYC a Mediterranean breeze from my home in Barcelona, but in the meantime, here is Ms. Fitzgerald once again, telling us that it’s “Too Darn...

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Gershwin:  Summertime

Gershwin: Summertime

I’m honored to be invited to contribute to NYFOS’s Song of the Day for a second time. As summer gets into full swing, this week I wanted to feature a few songs that celebrate the season. Here to start us off are the incomparable Louis and Ella with “Summertime.”...

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