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Mary Testa

Actress and Singer

Richard Rodgers: Two Short Years

"Two short years" by Rodgers and Hammerstein. Ted Chapin introduced me to this song, I believe, many years ago. Just the most absolutely perfect, wise and complete lyric I have ever sung: Two short years Are not much time In the age of an infinite world. Two short...

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Prince:  Sometimes It Snows in April

Prince: Sometimes It Snows in April

"Sometimes It Snows in April." Prince. My heart broke the day Prince died. Such a genius. This is another wise, sad song. I love it so much, it is on my album, Have Faith with Micheal Starobin. (Shameless plug). And here's my take with Michael Starobin:

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Adam Guettel:  Daybreak

Adam Guettel: Daybreak

"Daybreak" by Adam Guettel from Floyd Collins. I must have listened to this at least 800 times. To my ear, it is a spectacularly sad song, which I love, and Christopher Innvar and Jason Danieley's performances are heartbreaking.

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