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Lauren Worsham

Lizzo:  Worship

Lizzo: Worship

How did the world exist before Lizzo? I saw her open for another band this past year and her stage show blew me away. She is all things female and strength and sex. She is everything. Lizzo for life. https://youtu.be/KN_na84b9ik

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Camille:  Le Festin

Camille: Le Festin

Another song that always brightens my mood - this one is from the animated film Ratatouille. The French artist Camille is a fantastically experimental artist. This song is one of her more sweet and soft tunes but “Ta Douleur” is also worth checking out. ...

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Kris Kelly:  Birthplace

Kris Kelly: Birthplace

I love watching my friends’ artistic endeavors come to fruition. This song is by my good friend Kris Kelly off his most recent album. Its swirling hypnotic sound and his gentle vocals make for a dreamy soundscape.  https://youtu.be/pXg1BjorZ3E

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Parker Ainsworth:  American Miracle

Parker Ainsworth: American Miracle

My brother - who goes my Parker Ainsworth - is an accomplished singer songwriter whose work has spanned many styles over the years. His latest single speaks about the America we live in now using the Cali-Texan vernacular he has developed after living in Los Angeles...

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