written by

Kate Soper


Brad Garton: April Daffodils

Daffodils, again--bookending the week with everybody's favorite perennial!  This song was a persistent backdrop to my first few months in NYC.  Everything in it combines to powerfully suggest the things we can't communicate: the insistent waves of static harmony, the...

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Tori Amos:  Yes Anastasia

Tori Amos: Yes Anastasia

Tori Amos is a truly captivating performer.  Example: I made the mistake of keeping the youtube track running as I was coming up with this intro and quickly forgot how to form words in my brain and type them, as her voice overrode my mental circuits.  Amos runs the...

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Laurie Anderson:  O Superman

Laurie Anderson: O Superman

What is it about vocoders?  They add a distance to the human voice that, in the skilled hands of Laurie Anderson, renders it omnipotent, supernatural.  And marching through the uncanny valley right alongside her processed singing is that "ah ah ah" ostinato, both...

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