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Joshua Jeremiah

Verdi:  Solenne in quest’ora

Verdi: Solenne in quest’ora

We've made it... IT'S FRIDAY!!!! So, what genres do I have left on my phone to explore? Well, frankly too many... so I'm going to avoid making you listen to a bunch of Jazz, Pop, Musicals, etc;. And no matter how tempting it is to tell you how They Might Be Giants has...

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Lil’ Dicky:  Pillow Talking

Lil’ Dicky: Pillow Talking

Happy Wednesday aka hump day! And in honor of hump day, we are going to listen to some rap. That's right, RAP MUSIC!! I LOVE opera, and classical music in general... it has SUCH emotional breadth and depth to it, and it allows me to express and feel things in a...

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The Punch Brothers:  You Are

The Punch Brothers: You Are

Greetings to any first time NYFOS blog readers and a hearty welcome back to the faithful NYFOS-ers (NYFOS-ians... NYFOS-ites?) that are regular readers of this blog! HAPPY MONDAY!!! Josh Jeremiah here, and I'm thrilled to have this opportunity to share some of the...

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