written by

Chelsea Shephard


This is our last day together, all you amazing folks who support NYFOS!!!  I can’t believe I only get to share one more song with you. I’ll have to beg Steve to let me do this again sometime in the summer. For my final selection, I want to say Thank You. However,...

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John Lennon:  Imagine

John Lennon: Imagine

We have come to Day Three. Hump Day. To get us over the hump, I must offer you John Lennon’s "Imagine". I sang this, barefoot, at one of my high school talent shows. Friends of my father, who live in the tiny town I’m from, still remember that performance. Or, at...

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Charles Strouse:  Maybe

Charles Strouse: Maybe

For Day Two, I have chosen for you, beloved NYFOS supporters, “Maybe” from Annie. This song taught those of us raised on classic musicals as I was (thanks, Mom!) one of our first lessons in empathy. I never really sang this song, but lord I loved it! I also had an...

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