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Benjamin Sosland

Caroline Shaw:  Winter Carol

Caroline Shaw: Winter Carol

Back in the day, specialization in music was unheard of. To be a musician was to be a composer, performer, multi-instrumentalist (hello, Mozart), improviser, and/or impresario. If you played the oboe in a Baroque orchestra, for example, you probably also played the...

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Francis Poulenc:  Quelle aventure!

Francis Poulenc: Quelle aventure!

Ever fallen down the YouTube rabbit hole? You know, you innocently start looking for something and three hours later you look up from your iPad, having forsaken all social niceties (and biological necessities), and wonder what happened to the afternoon? I don’t know...

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Franz Schubert:  Lied das Florio

Franz Schubert: Lied das Florio

Schubert. So many songs, and yet so few of them are heard in performance. Here is one of my favorite lesser known gems sung by the amazing Nicolai Gedda. For me, he’s the perfect mix of bel canto ease and just plain class. And I, for one, don’t mind that the recording...

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