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Sondheim: Marry me a little

Okay, so I may be on a bit of a Sondheim/Company kick. But this is one of my favorite shows! Or maybe it’s the fact that I’m inching towards 30 this year that I’m starting to get much more of what Mr. Sondheim was trying to get across. Either way, this is one of my favorite pieces of the whole evening. Amy says to Bobby in the dialogue prior “You have to want to marry somebody! Not just some body.” I love how a simple space between two words can make a world of difference. Regardless, this number hits home for me. Maybe it’s that Bobby hasn’t figured it all out just yet, but he’s okay with that. It’s a bit how I feel about life and love. We may never figure it out completely, but at least we’re trying to? “Want me first and foremost…Keep me company” might be my favorite line. Raul Esparza also infused this role with so many underlying emotions, it’s hard to watch and not feel for him.

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