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NYFOS@Juilliard 2020: Day 3

One picture, worth 1000 words: Santiago Pizarro showing Leonardo Granados some cool Peruvian rhythms. First on drums, then at the piano, grooving to a sexy, exotic beat.  It was a side of Santiago I had never seen, though I suspected it was there. The two of them had quite an amazing little jam session. Santiago broke into song, apologizing for not knowing all the words of the canción he was wailing. “Ah, well, at least that’s consistent with your other rep,” I commented drily. 

I love to joke with Santiago, but the truth is he’s been doing superb work. I got the idea to put this show on during a coaching with him last spring. I wanted him to have a moment in the Juilliard sun, and in his own language. He’s come through like a champ  both as singer and dancer. And he does know his lyrics.  All of them!

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