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Dave Frishberg: My Attorney Bernie

Yesterday, I was going on about Dave Frishberg, and mentioned “My Attorney Bernie”. I don’t expect anyone actually looked it up, so I’ll make it easy for y’all. Here’s Dave performing that song on the Tonight Show when Johnny Carson was the host. I first heard this song about 30 years ago on the radio as I was driving across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. I didn’t know you could write a funny song, deliver it in a colloquial manner, with a certain cool jazzy musical language. It’s a song about trouble, really. Why else do you get a lawyer? But this is an example of a good relationship, a good lawyer, good advice, carefully followed, and a grateful client. I’m dedicating this Song of the Day to our Board Member Peter Thall, a good lawyer who has always given us good advice. Thanks Peter!

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