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Adam Gwon: I’ll Be Here

Earlier this week, I expressed my love for a repeated lyric that evolves throughout a song and takes on new meanings. One of my favorite examples of this is “I’ll Be Here” from Adam Gwon’s musical Ordinary Days.

I’m currently working on a Spanish adaptation of Ordinary Days in Buenos Aires, Argentina and previously directed the show in Paris. This song always pulls people in and brings them to tears- no matter what continent you’re on! Before knowing anything about the show, I saw Audra McDonald perform “I’ll Be Here” in a concert. I’ll never forget how powerful it was watching her get to the heart-wrenching climax of this story song, while maintaining a sense of hope in her eyes. This could have easily been written as a doom and gloom number, but Adam Gwon captures the resilience of a New Yorker with these lyrics.

“I’ll Be Here” from Ordinary Days
Music and Lyrics by Adam Gwon

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