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Logic: America

British-American tenor Joshua Blue considers “What is America?” in this week’s songs.
Content Warning: All of the songs in this week’s collection contain strong language, and even stronger themes regarding the state of our nation. Content spans topics including, but not limited to: racism, immigration, police brutality, domestic terrorism, white supremacy, and intolerance.

“America” is from the 2017 album “Everybody” by rap artist Logic. This track explores what it means to be an American citizen in today’s society, and makes references to the Trump administration, Kanye West, the Flint water crisis, and white supremacy, among other things. What makes this piece particularly evocative, is the call to “send the Whites back to Europe, give the land to the Native Americans”. It is one of the few instances in mainstream music that we see an artist or group of artists using their platform to advocate for indigenous people. It is a powerful moment not only in the track, but the album in its entirety.

“Ima tell you what we ALL need/I need my people of color/don’t run from Trump, run against him!”

“America” by Logic feat: Black Thought, Chuck D, Big Lenbo & No I.D

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