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Benj Pasek & Justin Paul: Waving through a Window

The one and only time I’ve ever enjoyed (let alone paid attention to) NYC taxi cab t.v. was I saw a clip of this song last December. “On the outside, always looking in, will I ever be more than I’ve always been?” As artists, we’ve all felt these feelings, to one degree or another.  If I could go back in time, and perform a role in musical theater, Evan Hansen would be my choice.

Marvin Gaye: What’s Going On

With all due respect to the song I was planning to post, Alison Krauss’ beautiful rendition of the Beatles “I Will,” I felt compelled to instead share Marvin Gaye’s 1971 chart-topper, due to the events of this past week (and month, and year…).

Franz Schubert: Nacht und Träume

Sheer perfection.  All I ever wanted as a singer was to have even 50% of her breath control.

Dan Fogelberg: Leader of the Band

I’ve now spent equal time on this planet with my father as I have without him.  I don’t even know if he liked this song.  But since he’s been gone, these lyrics have always reminded me of his tenderness, his love of music, and his unfulfilled dreams.

Shakespeare: My mistress’ eyes

I can’t promise any sort of through-line when it comes to my five posts.  Instead, I simply offer five selections that have stayed in my heart, and coursed through my veins, over my years in music.

In my 9th grade English class, all of the students had to memorize a Shakespearean sonnet.  I chose “Like as the waves make towards the pebbl’d shores,” but only because another student had already chosen “My mistress’ eyes.”  Alan Rickman—whom I first encountered in Galaxy Quest—delivers his stirring rendition with gravitas and subtle passion.

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