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Ivor Novello / Dion Titheradge: And Her Mother Came, Too

The theme of the day is ‘puns.’ Good puns in song lyrics are certainly on the decline since the first half of the 20th century and it’s a shame! “And Her Mother Came, Too” was first performed in A-Z, a 1921 British Musical Revue.

First we have a cheeky story about an ever-present and overbearing Mother-in-Law:

My car will meet her—And her mother comes, too!
It’s a two-seater—Still her mother comes, too!
At Ciro’s when I am free, at dinner, supper or tea,
She loves to shimmy with me—And her mother does, too!

The song continues down this path, and then takes a cheeky turn:

She fainted just off the tee, my darling whisper’d to me
‘Jack, dear, at last we are free!—But her mother came to!

Ba-dum ching.

And Her Mother Came, Too
Music by Ivor Novello and Lyrics by Dion Titheradge

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