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The Beatles: I Want to Hold Your Hand

My journey through the 1960s continues.

Billboard’s Top Seller – “I Want to Hold Your Hand” by the Beatles. They also had the No. 2, “She Loves You,” No. 13, “A Hard Day’s Night,” No. 14, “Love Me Do,” and No. 16, “Please, Please Me” spots!

Grammy for Record of the Year (1965) – “The Girl From Ipanema” by Astrud Gilberto & Stan Getz

Grammy for Song of the Year (1965) – “Hello Dolly” by Jerry Herman performed by Louis Armstrong

Best New Artist (1965) – The Beatles

The British are coming, the British are coming!  Yep, 1964 brought the British invasion, and boy did they ever invade. My teenaged sister was one of the many fans so I saw its effect first hand. And just look at the Billboard rankings for the Beatles alone. I would be remiss if I did not offer a Beatle’s tune so here you go…

I saw this broadcast on the Ed Sullivan Show and heard it countless times thanks to my sister and the radio.

For a contrast, and since I have not honored any of the girl groups as yet on my journey, here is “Dancing in the Street” by Marvin Gaye, William “Mickey” Stevenson and Ivy Jo Hunter performed by Martha and the Vandellas. It’s considered one of Motown’s signature tunes and reached No. 2 on Billboards’ Top 100.

I hope this gets you dancing, even if you are sitting at your desk. And check out how many views it’s had!

The Beatles: Good Night

From Ellie Gisler Murphy, Caramoor’s Senior Artist Planning Manager:

Every year, we are asked to contribute to the great NYFOS Song of the Day blog, and each time, I am moved by something in my own life. This time around, there’s nothing more prominent in my life than my literal stomach, which is currently housing a child who will make an appearance imminently (baby is due March 7th !). I am incredibly sad to miss this year’s Vocal Rising Stars at Caramoor, which always brings me back to my roots in classical song, but everyone should take comfort in knowing that our sweet little one is being born into a family of musicians and we will sing to her from the moment she is born. This time, I chose two songs that will perhaps always remind me of her and will be sung to her, no matter who she turns out to be.

I grew up in a household full of music. Both my parents are talented amateur musicians and compulsive singers – you have to find yourself taking care to not say any sing-able phrase aloud lest the whole family breaks into song mid conversation – even a cheerful “Good Morning” will either give you Garland and Rooney or, perhaps more often from my flower child mother, “Good Morning Starshine” from Hair. “Goodnight”, on the other hand, is eternally reserved for the Beatles. Written by John Lennon for his five-year-old son Julian and sung by the dear, underrated Ringo Starr (over very simple piano in this early take, though the final version arranged by George Martin was orchestrated per John Lennon’s wishes).

Caramoor’s Senior Artistic Planning Manager, Ellie Gisler Murphy is celebrating five years
working in programming and production in the Artistic department at Caramoor. Ms. Murphy
received her BM in Classical Vocal Performance at the University of Connecticut before
pursuing artistic administration professionally. She worked at the Metropolitan Opera,
Glimmerglass and Castleton Opera Festivals, and Columbia Artists before finding her home at
Caramoor where she enjoys the diversity and innovation of Caramoor’s multi-disciplinary

The Beatles: Here Comes the Sun

To close out the week, here are the Beatles welcoming the summer sun in after the long, cold, lonely winter.

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