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Steve Young: Seven Bridges Road (The Eagles)

Here’s to the Eagles, despised by many critics who didn’t think their music was tough enough for rock and roll, but loved by their many fans who made their Greatest Hits the best selling album of all time (29 million copies thus far). I loved them best in concert and “Seven Bridges Road” was a particular knockout—the band standing together, doing what sounded to me like flawless 5 part harmony. (The song was written by Steve Young, one of the few in their rep not written by someone in the band.) The first part was done a capella and the rest had acoustic guitar accompaniment. It kept a crowd of 15,000 plus in a Philadelphia arena absolutely quiet throughout the performance.  Harmony was one of their strengths.  You might see as we go along that I am a sucker for great harmony singing.

As far as tough enough goes, no one has ever had a problem with the Beach Boys.

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