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Farhad Mehrad: Booye Eydi

Today I bring you music from one of the most influential Iranian artists of all time, Farhad Mehrad. After rising to popularity in the years before and during the Iranian Revolution in the 70’s, he was banned from singing for several years. He began producing music again in 1993, releasing his album Barf (Snow) in the United States in 1999. A man of many cultural interests, Farhad recorded songs in multiple languages including Persian, English, French, Russian, German, Spanish, and Armenian. His final album of multi-national songs, Amin (Amen), was not completed before his death in 2002.

This song, “Booye Eydi” or “Smell of the New Year,” was introduced to me by Sahar Nouri, a wonderful pianist and dear friend. Of it, she writes:

“The singer recounts all the lovely memories of spending new year in Iran: the smell of the flowers, the excitement of people buying new clothes, the smell of gift wrap papers, the sound of grandma’s prayers, etc. Then he repeats (chorus): With these memories I am able to get through the winter. With these thoughts I can comfort my tired mind and body.”

I hope you enjoy this soulful and nostalgic treasure!

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