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Louis Alter: I love the way you’re breaking my heart

We start this week on a very easy, light hearted note. Originally written in 1951 by Louis Alter with words by Milton Drake, I discovered “I love the way…” with this exact performance. Not only are the words and music wonderfully quirky, I think Rachael Price is one of the best voices I’ve heard. She really knows how do seduce you with her phrasing. There’s an instrumental, almost brassy, quality that really attracts me and she has the ability of flipping it completely becoming very smooth and velvety. Genius! She’s now lead singer of the band Lake Street Dive —which I also love. They have a more modern funk style that is so much fun. She started as a jazz vocalist and she stretches those muscles here. Some would describe this as easy listening, but I can’t imagine doing anything else once she starts singing.

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