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Lynn Ahrens & Stephen Flaherty: In My Dreams

I have been trying to get out and go see more shows. I feel like I spend a lot of time in the 3 block radius of The Juilliard School  and I used to go to the theater more when I lived in New Jersey than I do now.

I recently saw Anastasia and this song was one of my favorites. As musicals are created there’s so much new music to explore. I love experiencing the new music live so I can get the entire emotional experience from it. When I saw this performed I instantly fell in love with this song. It helps the progress of the story line but out of context it still has some very relevant lyrics. “And my dreams seem to say- “Don’t be afraid to go on, don’t give up hope come what may” –  I know it all will come back one day”.

This has to be my favorite lyric in the entire song.

To close out this weeks journey of music that continues to impact my life I wanted to put this song because it’s current and relevant for anyone who is chasing after a dream. I’m still learning and growing through the arts and sometimes everyone needs the reminder to keep pushing forward.

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