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Lawrence Tibbett sings ‘Goin’ Home’

I certainly didn’t plan it this way, but I am writing this blog post while waiting for my departing flight in the Vienna Airport – I am quite literally “going home” to visit my family in Rochester, NY. My nomadic existence as a singer is equally exciting and challenging, with the loss of a sense of home being by far the most difficult thing to deal with. I have learned the importance of bringing “home” with me wherever I travel, whether through the comfort of daily rituals, exercise, exploring, or listening to certain pieces of music. I found this recording of “Goin’ Home” a few years ago, sung by one of my favorite baritones, Lawrence Tibbett.  Whenever I listen to it, it evokes a powerful sense of longing, of melancholy, of dreaming of home. Tibbetts’s voice is as powerful as it is delicate and he explores both extremes wonderfully.  This poignant setting of an African American Spiritual to Dvorak’s haunting theme never fails to ground me and make me feel connected to my own home, no matter how far away I might be.

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