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James Blake: Power On

I thought perhaps my final post would be something new, something I’ve heard a lot lately. James Blake’s Assume Form was just released in January. I can’t quit it; I have it on a loop. It’s unmistakably James Blake, but also different. I mean, it’s not not sad—he always delivers on that score—but this album’s sad is pretty sweet, very much in love.

I keep playing “Power On” in particular for its catalogue of miscalculations. All too familiar lately—“I thought… I was wrong.” But also its disarming sweetness: If if feels like a home, power on, I thought you were second place to every song.

I guess powering on is about making space for the unexpected, to be surprised by yourself, by who and what you want. And these discoveries are hopeful; they comprise possibility. The song is not about failure; it is about a kind of coming to life, finding a home (as the song says) finally
Lately, this is familiar to me: looking into the eyes of someone you love, and understand that there’s beauty that can’t be anticipated, belonging you’d neglected to consider, even dismissed.

Drop a pin on the mood that you’re in.

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