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Richard Rodgers: Two Short Years

“Two short years” by Rodgers and Hammerstein. Ted Chapin introduced me to this song, I believe, many years ago. Just the most absolutely perfect, wise and complete lyric I have ever sung:

Two short years
Are not much time
In the age of an infinite world.
Two short years
Are two quick trips
That a small, dizzy planet has twirled.
But the days on a planet
Can be filled with strife
And joy and love and tears,
And a girl on a planet
Lives a lot of life in two short years.

Thrills and cheers
And chills and fears
Overlap in a flying montage.
Crowd each day
Then melt away
In the wake of a waning mirage.
But a dream often lingers
Like a lovely chime
That echoes in your ears,
And a dream on a planet
Lives along, long time
After two short years.

Ed. note: We have not been able to find a recording of this song to share with you. It was originally written for their musical Allegro, but was cut. Clearly, Mary Testa needs to record it!  Until that happens, we’ve decided to toss this to you, our Song of the Day readers. Anyone able to send us a link to a recording of “Two Short Years,”  wins a pair of tickets to hear Mary Testa in Rodgers, Rodgers & Guettel on November 1 or 3. (Limited to the first 5 people to respond.) Don’t know where to find this song?  Buy your tickets today:
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