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Elton John / Sara Bareilles: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

I love when great artists cover other great artists’ songs, especially when the cover version turns a pop tune into a beltress’s torch ballad. Today I present you Sara Bareilles’ piano/vocal rendition of Elton John’s 1973 hit “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.” Elton John wrote the two-sided album, which features the title song, after having seven Top 40 singles in the previous two years; he was enjoying one of the peaks of his career. John describes the composition period for “Brick Road” as that golden period “before the drugs set in.” The title is inspired by that infamous road in The Wizard of Oz which promises fantasy and prosperity, but leads Dorothy further and further away from home and loved ones. Critics also say that John’s brick road is a metaphor for materialism and all the things that comes with fame. Now, I give you Sara Bareilles singing John.

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