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This is our last day together, all you amazing folks who support NYFOS!!!  I can’t believe I only get to share one more song with you. I’ll have to beg Steve to let me do this again sometime in the summer. For my final selection, I want to say Thank You. However, because life is never quite what you expect, I have decided to throw you a curve ball. Instead of choosing “Allerseelen” or the Bach/Gounod “Ave Maria” or “Thank You for Being My Friend” (or whatever it’s called), I have chosen Alanis Morrisette’s version. This is from her album after ‘Jagged Little Pill’ which she, and all of us, know will never and should never be duplicated. That being said, I love this song. It’s not her best song ever, and I hate that she called it “Thank U”, but I believe she truly means every word of it. And please believe me when I say to each and all of you: Thank You.

Thank U
Alanis Morisette

Kander & Ebb: Marry Me / A Quiet Thing

Day Four! Only two more! How will I choose??!? For Thursday’s treat, you delicious NYFOS supporters you, I give you “A Quiet Thing”. I sang this right after I graduated high school in response to my co-stars’ song “Marry Me” in a Portage Players’ Production of Kander & Ebb’s And The World Goes ‘Round. It turns out I would marry that co-star who asked me in the show (Life imitates art?), and we would have ten beautiful years together and two kinda crappy ones. My apologies that this particular story doesn’t have a rosier ending; but just remember, tomorrow is Friday!

Marry Me / A Quiet Thing
Kander & Ebb

John Lennon: Imagine

We have come to Day Three. Hump Day. To get us over the hump, I must offer you John Lennon’s “Imagine”. I sang this, barefoot, at one of my high school talent shows. Friends of my father, who live in the tiny town I’m from, still remember that performance. Or, at least one of them does. We need this song. Let’s all sing it together. But first, click on that youtube link and let’s listen to the master’s footsteps walking through fog with the woman he loves before he sings his song in a way that guts me, Every. Time. “Imagine all the people livin’ life in peace! […] I wonder if you can…”

John Lennon (+ Yoko)

Charles Strouse: Maybe

For Day Two, I have chosen for you, beloved NYFOS supporters, “Maybe” from Annie. This song taught those of us raised on classic musicals as I was (thanks, Mom!) one of our first lessons in empathy. I never really sang this song, but lord I loved it! I also had an audition at NOLA once where they were conducting an Annie masterclass next door. Imgaine, child after child belting as high as they can while I’m trying to channel my inner Pamina/Countess/Juliette/etc. Because of that traumatizing experience, I will NOT be selecting Annie’s “Tomorrow.”

“Maybe” from Annie (the movie)

Harold Arlen: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I’m delighted to be curating the NYFOS Song of the Day project on Facebook! As a singer/musician raised in a very musical household, I am finding it incredibly difficult to pick only five songs! My mother was a classical pianist. She played John Cage, Alban Berg, and Franz Schubert for her graduate recital in 1979. My father is a big-hearted character who owned a record store for 25 years in Kalamazoo, MI called The Bop Stop. He called my twin sister and I the owners, and worships the Beatles, John & Yoko, and Neil Young. Rock ‘n Roll, Daddy!

So, how to curate?? Well, for Day One I need to start at the very beginning (a very good place to start!) I have chosen for you, dear NYFOS supporters, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”. You know it’s iconic, but I’ll share with you my personal attachment. I remember singing this in my basement. I had studied and practiced and finally invited my family down to hear me sing it. I’m probably 7, you’ll have to ask my dad. I remember singing my little heart out and making my mother cry. I think that may have been when I got hooked on this singing thing. I’m offering the version by Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole which you’ll probably remember from the end of You’ve Got Mail. What a gorgeous voice this man has!! Also, feel free to listen to Judy if you prefer.

Somwhere Over the Rainbow
Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole

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