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Rodgers & Hart: My Romance

I have always been a huge Doris Day fan. She is the whole package. Hysterical, a fantastic actress both comedic and dramatic, and was one of the most famous recording artists from the 40’s to the late 60’s recording more than 650 songs. I remember the first movie I saw her in- Calamity Jane. People! If you haven’t seen this movie do yourself a favor and watch it!! She is an absolute HOOT! Anyway, I was walking through Borders (back when we bought music and movies in an actual store) and saw a Doris Day movie collection of her 10 best movies. Of course I go it, went home and immediately watched every one over a 3 day period. The original binger? Perhaps. In the collection was the movie Jumbo. Originally a musical by the great Rodgers and Hart duo written in 1935, it was made into a movie in 1962 and was Doris’s last screen musical. When I heard her sing “My Romance”, I melted into my pillow and began to laugh because I loved it so much. I rewound that scene probably 20 times until I had a very solid handle on the song and haven’t really stopped singing it yet. Here it is sung by the incredible Doris Day.

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