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Richard Wagner: Die Frist ist um

I couldn’t submit five choices without choosing one piece operatic.  Ok, it’s a bit long but it’s Richard Wagner, the early years when he was still in his ‘bel canto’ period.  And baby, could he ever write a melody and throw some rockin’ orchestration at it.

The Dutchman is looking for a little peace of mind here.  This is one tormented guy for lots of reasons.  He is in need of serious redemption and is meant to finally find it in the love of a good woman.  Turbulent seas in the orchestra, soaring vocal lines, dead silence—all here.  This is human torment agonizingly yet glowingly set to music. I use the word human, though we at my house refer to the Dutchman as Wagner’s version of the Undead.

The Dutchman in this recording ain’t half bad either, if I may say so myself.

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